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Moscuzza, Fishing Gear, has been an industrial, manufacturing and supplying Company for 70 years, providing service to the fishing, naval, oil and agricultural industry-related markets.
Our Company is continuously investing in technology, guaranteeing a high degree of competitiveness and high quality service.

Nowadays, the industrial business park is made of:

  • Factory I - Hernandarias. It consists of three (3) industrial units of 9.000 m2, built over a 22.000 m2 surface. It represents the most important manufacturing investment in terms of finishing gear in Argentina. It produces twines, nets, and ropes.
  • Factory II - Guanahaní - It exclusively carries out Polymer Processing Extrusion.
  • Logistics Branch - F. Alcorta - This new integrated operation branch has allowed us to increase the operational capacity of the storage rooms and warehouses, and in this way, it improves the layout of the materials.

Both factories have the latest automatic equipment, full with advanced controlled and management techniques, guaranteeing a notable performance in both the industrial processes and the quality of the products.

Due to the constant investment in technology, Moscuzza, Fishing Gear, has been placed as one of the main technologically advanced factories in the Latin American market.

Our Company competes with the world's main fishing gear suppliers to satisfy the quality requirements from our clients and the interests from our shareholders. This is done with the help from our committed staff, who are highly concerned with the preservation of our environment, and the support of our community.

Our mission is to develop a superior quality business management which allows the Company to position itself as an undeniable leader in Argentina, and to present itself internationally, especially in MERCOSUR. To achieve this, our company is constantly guaranteeing the high quality of our products, investing in innovative technology, and sustaining long-lasting relationships with Clients, Suppliers, and employees.


Yell Owners of the brands: POLYSTEEL, POWER CORD, POWER CORD ULTRA and ULTRA STEEL, the exclusive high technological fibres developed by the Research and Development Section from the Company.

Yell Twisted and braided ropes made of Nylon, Polypropylene and Polyester twine.

Yell Exclusive manufacturer of 8-strand braided naval ropes (JM Brand) in Argentina.

Yell Fishing nets in Power Cord Flex, Power Cord Ultra and the latest evolution in ULTRA STEEL for deep sea fishing.



Yell Steel Rope Cables, Combination Ropes, Mixed Ropes and slings.

Yell Coolant

Yell Plastic Buoys of different measure, buoyancy, and depth.

Yell Marine and Land Lubricants.

Yell Industrial additives and grease.

Yell High resistance shackles and Steel ironwork.

Yell Lifting gear and chains, grades 8 and 10


The most prestigious brands trust us with the distribution of their products:
YellIPH SAICF- ARGENTINA: Exclusive Distributor of Steel Ropes, Combination Ropes, and Mixed Ropes

YellPETROBRAS - BRAZIL - : Official Distributor of marine oil and lubricant ("LUBRAX")

YellGUNNEBO GROUP - SWEDEN: Exclusive Distrib. of naval fittings and shackles for fishing, grades 8 and 10.


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