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More than 50 years of investment in Quality and Customer satisfaction.
As from its existence of over 59 years, we are an Argentinean leading industrial, commercial importing and exporting company significantly supplying items to fishing, naval, oil and agricultural industry-related markets.

We are the first Argentinean industrial fishing gear manufacturing company of threads, nets, ropes and buoys.

We have a 8,000-square meter industrial plant and high-technology equipment consisting in Japanese, Spanish, German and Italian machinery.

We are the only domestic manufacturer of 8-strand braided naval ropes, mainly utilized in naval, shipping and fishing industries.

We have a 120-people staff composed of blue-collar and white-collar workers, supervisors, technicians and engineers permanently working throughout 24 hours in three 8-hour shifts.

We are the owners of POWER CORD and POWER CORD ULTRA trademarks (High Technology Polysteel Fibers applicable in the manufacture of Fishing Gear Items).

In Argentina, we are the Exclusive Distributors of IPH-Acindar's Cables ("Condor" trademark); Official Licensees of Repsol-YPF's Ocean and Road Lubricants; Authorized Distributors of Argentinean Bardahl's Greases and Additives and Frio Industrias Argentinas S.A.'s Refrigerating Gas ("Necton" trademark)

Direct Importers of "Randers" Mixed Cables (Denmark), "Castro" Plastic Products (Spain); "Gunnebo" Naval Fittings and Shackles (Sweden), Portuguese bridles and combination ropes and raw materials from Mexico, Brazil, India and South Africa






The Third Generation of an Argentinean Corporation founded by Mr. José Moscuzza.

His corporate view, his innovative spirit and his growth value through a unique service have strengthened our corporation in terms of customer relationship and trustworthiness thus highlighting fishing gear's industrial history.Our Corporate Mission focuses on facing new globalized economic challenges by reasserting his life legacy and his course as responsible and good-standing entrepreneur with his strong goals of always supplying products and services evidencing highest performance.

The Strength of Our Trademark and the Compromise of Our People.

We hereby state that our strategic goal will remain focusing on the development of a corporation both strengthened in Argentina and expanded worldwide, specially throughout MERCOSUR Common Southern Market locations. We shall offer quality warranty in our products, innovation, permanent technological investment and business management excellence by creating permanent recognition and long-lasting relationship values in connection with our employees, customers, suppliers and with the whole community where our business is transacted.The foregoing is the unchangeable compromise accepted by the members of this corporation.

Fabián Scher


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